The next time you are sitting in a restaurant, look around you. I mean really look, watch how each couple interacts with one another. More often than not, you will see the truth; the majority of people are not sitting with the ones they should be with. They have instead decided it would be better to get through life merely existing with a person they can tolerate because being with someone, anyone, is ultimately better than being alone.

But is it? What if we as humans are meant to be with one specific person? Someone that, the moment you meet them, it suddenly all makes sense. You instantly feel calm, the restlessness that has been eating at you your entire life magically disappears. Unconsciously, you make no effort to impress this person, all of your insecurities seem like a ridiculous waste of time. And without any sort of logical explanation you know that your search is over, you’ve met your other half; you are finally home.

I was like most people I imagine, wanting to believe there is some greater power fighting to bring two people together. That there is a plan, a reason that each one of us has been forced into subpar relationships to somehow prepare us for the one that will inevitably change everything. However, I had no actual proof that this deep, intimate, out of this world, indescribable love actually existed. Other than a scripted version on the big screen, I had never seen two humans interact with each other this way; and then one day, I did.

When I first met Skye and David, they had been married for fourteen years. They held off on having children early in their marriage so they could be with each other, undistracted. For someone who was in a very unhappy, unaffectionate marriage, I was confused at their interactions. I couldn’t begin to understand how, when in presence of one another there was this force field that kept them connected. The way their faces lit up as they spoke about one another; such respect and admiration. Rarely were they more than a few feet from each other; always touching, kissing, or looking into one another eyes – it was as if they completely forgot anyone else was not only in the room, but on the planet. The word love doesn’t being to scratch the surface of what was happening between them.

A few years later, David died of brain cancer.  It was horrible and tragic and unfair. The universe, God, whomever you believe is responsible for life and death consciously uncoupled two people clearly meant for each other. He/she/it couldn’t have chosen one of the millions of unhappy people in dysfunctional relationships to die? The strange thing, I seemed to be angrier about it than Skye was. Yes, she was obviously devastated, but there was a calmness about her – like she knew this was a temporary situation…that this was not the last time she would see him.  It almost appeared that she was sad because she was not going to see him for a few days; as if he were going away on a business trip and she would miss falling asleep next to him and waking up to him for a short time.

My mind began searching overtime for an explanation as to how she could be even the slightest bit calm about this. They were not a religious couple – I’m not sure they even thought he was going to heaven. Yet, she clearly believed he was still with her. A few weeks after his death Skye and I were walking in the upstairs hallway at their house when she abruptly stopped and began having a conversation with him, as if he were standing right next to her. It wasn’t creepy, or eerie, or weird. It was sweet and heartfelt. Which led to, what if he really is standing right next to her, fighting for her, trying everything possible to tell her he hasn’t left her…..that he could never leave her.

Then reincarnation entered my mind. What if they really are meant to be together, and this wasn’t the end; nor was it the beginning. That there was a purposeful reason why they were torn apart so early in this life, something wasn’t going according to plan. That it was time to begin the process of starting the next life together. Another chance to make their connection even stronger.

Within Reach was written as an outsider looking in, I had not yet experienced this intense love, however, it was easy to imagine how spectacular it would feel. And yes, I am a believer that each and every one of us is searching for that particular “one” who fits into our little piece of the puzzle. Perhaps, it’s why we connect so deeply and intimately when we meet our soulmates – because we are not meeting, we are reconnecting and once those souls are reunited, they will go to any length to ensure they are never separated again.