“A powerful love story, Within Reach grips the reader from page one as two soul mates fight against all odds to rediscover each other and prove that death is only temporary.”

―James Marsden, actor of The Notebook, Enchanted, and more

“In alternating chapters, the present-tense, frequently purple narrative of the vividly drawn Xan and Lila is urgent, keeping the intensity taught. An intense, at-times overwrought romance for genre fans.”

―Kirkus Reviews

Within Reach is an intoxicating, heart-pounding tale of love, loss, and two souls forever bound by their choices. Xan and Lila are the modern-day Romeo and Juliet―proving that nothing will keep true love apart.”

―Kristen Hunt, author of Blonde Eskimo

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Why I Write

I’ve written this piece at least four times. My initial thoughts were: I write because I want to inspire people (which I love), or because it comes naturally to me (yes it takes work – but it is not forced), or because it makes me feel alive (like I’ve actually […]

It’s All About The Query

My novel is going to be published. Not that I am successful by any means yet, I have however, reached the point where in a matter of months – my story will be in the hands of readers. Getting to this point – was not instant. I spent hours upon […]

The Beginning

When I started writing, actually, when I thought I was ready to start submitting my manuscript, I started looking to writers who were already successfully published. I wanted to know their publication story – how they made it happen. If I’m being honest, I was in search of getting to […]